Franklin Beats Filatov on Sunday Million Title Play Judi Online

Franklin Beats Filatov on Sunday Million Title Play Judi Online

Ryan “HITTHEPANDA” Franklin took his lifetime Judi online poker competition rewards past $4.1 million this end of the week when he dominated the competition of a 5,914-in number field in the PokerStars Sunday Million Title to get his hands on $159,701, his biggest online money to date.

Franklin achieved the nine-gave last table with 4,149,869 in chips, which were sufficient to put him in fifth place. He was joined at the table by online poker illuminating presences Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov, “vip25459” and “flong78”. One by one the players at the last table fell by the Sunday Million Title with Filatov being especially prevailing. When play was four-given, Filatov held the greater part of the chips in play and looked on course for a merited triumph.

Enormous Scores at Judi Online Poker

Over at partypoker there were a few major scores, including one for “Chelsea72” who won the $2,600 Super High Roller for $46,856. A best prize of $31,848 was granted to “SentimenTODO23” for bringing down the $530 High Roller.

In the $215 Title Fight Warm Up, “NEW_Flat” triumphed and won $34,960. “Coulduchkplease” won the $109 Main Event Warm Up for $20,255, while “MentulaMagna” secured the $25,226 top prize of the $530 High Roller Warm Up; “reallygamble” won the $109 Main Event Kick Off for $12,742; and “FearTheBeard13” won $14,356 for winning the $215 Title Fight Kick-Off.


Tournament Champion Prize
$530 Bounty Builder Perfect1232 $71,871*
$2,100 Sunday High Roller Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky $59,662
$215 Sunday Warm-Up anti-VGKC $42,180
Sunday 500 Diego “Die Ventura” Ventura Chunga $37,333
$109 Bounty Builder Remi Lebo_10 $34,825*
$215 Bounty Builder filusPL $33,488*
$215 Sunday Supersonic dennysramos2 $30,263
Bigger $109 Tim “tamiam122” Cramer $24,053
Hotter $215 josef_shvejk $21,931
Bigger $215 ardonaS $21,480
Hotter $109 nailuk90 $18,651
$109 Sunday Cooldown ferris69 $18,648
$109 Sunday Kickoff gabi_igna $18,060
$530 Omania High Roller Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier $17,020
$109 Sunday KOmania cuddy1990 $8,177*
Hotter $162 montejeu8 $7,685
$215 Triple Threat Pedro “pcayobh” Cayo $7,336
$109 Sunday Wrap-Up Pthelegend $6,979
$109 Omania Minthon19 $6,706
$109 Sunday Starter 99_shark_94 $6,160
$215 NLO8 Sunday Supersonic vachette17 $5,661
Bigger $162 Chris “Moorman1” Moorman $5,277
$109 Bubble Rush Luuk “pokerkluka” Gieles $5,008

*Includes bounty payouts

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Judi Online Poker Action

Dec. 3 was another huge day at 888poker where the United Kingdom’s “Eat1ngAndWIN” triumphed in the $100,000 Baby Whale to transform $320 into $21,500. In the mean time, “RakDoll” won the $100,000 Mega Deep for $19,114.

Additionally at 888poker, “heyfreddy” won the $50,000 Sunday Challenge for $9,625 and the $30,000 Sunday GREAT 8 was cleaved heads-up with “kiskutya23” keeping money $6,568 and “Mikel_Hansen” leaving with $6,269.

Belarus’ “Alexey5758” bust in fourth place before vip25459 smashed out in third place to send the competition into the heads-up organize. Franklin began the one-on-one fight forcefully and rapidly led the pack. Filatov battled back before Franklin led the pack again civility of his expert kicker when the board ran out quad threes.

The last hand saw Filatov three-wager all in with Sunday Million Title jack over the highest point of Franklin’s unguarded with pro ruler. Franklin called, matched his ruler on the slump, and sent Filatov to the showers in second place. Here’s a glance at a portion of the other people who joined Franklin in the champ’s hover on PokerStars on Dec. 3.


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