The New “Super Rep” and the Future

The New “Super Rep” and the Future

(Not Worth Buying in Gen) is a term I like in particular. It is, as I would like to think, an undeniable approach to portray the best reps accessible. NWBIG Reps are good to the point that you don’t pick up anything critical in purchasing the gen of that specific model. No, they are not 1:1; nothing by definition ever can be.

Much has been said in regards to “super reps” and “1:1 reps.” Such talk has continued for quite a long time and will most likely go on for eternity. I think these terms are not extremely valuable and besides not in reality exceptionally supportive to anybody hoping to purchase their first or even their next rep. Why I think they are not valuable or supportive will wind up plainly clear as we advance.

What is a rep?

Reps, now and then called fakes, duplicates, or thump offs, are portrayals of existing watches. They exist to copy a specific watch. The quality and viability of the rep relies upon how reliably it can imitate the gen.

The reliability of the copying can be isolated into three classifications:

  • Appearance
  • Feel
  • Capacity
  • Appearance

Appearance itself is influenced by three things: the material utilized, the shape, and the nature of complete and manufacture.


You can’t viably imitate 316L stainless steel with plated base metals. You can’t viably copy 18Ct yellow gold without enough plate thickness to accomplish the correct brilliance and shading.

It is likewise very hard to make exceptionally exact dials as the materials utilized the creation strategies are frequently not the same concerning the gen. Shockingly, in spite of these impediments, we see some incredibly precise dials, for example, the Rolex Yachtmaster 116622 in rhodium dim.

You additionally can’t viably imitate a watch unless the development you utilize offers the right positions (or sufficiently close) for the subdials, hand stack tallness, and crown position.


The shape must be correct ; by “right,” I don’t mean 1:1, which isn’t achievable in light of the fact that it is a duplicate. Duplicates by definition are copies ofan unique, and will dependably have some debasement and variety, however little.

The shape just should be sufficiently close that anything besides the most thorough investigation and point by point examination won’t double-cross it as a duplicate. The greater part of this, as a general rule, is influenced by the nature of the estimations taken from the first example utilized. One reason for minor errors fit as a fiddle in a rep is that the first estimations were taken from a gen, yet thusly the gen producer acquainted or permitted some variety with happen.

Complete and Fabrication

Regardless of how well you pick your materials, regardless of how determinedly you make your estimations from the first, if your creation procedures are poor or your last fit and complete are not up to standard, the finished result will be an extremely poor impersonation of the first that will disintegrate rapidly being used.


Feel is greatly essential and as we as a whole tend to purchase our reps online with just photograph/video reference, it strengthens the need to hold onto a group, for example, RWI, keeping in mind the end goal to pick up the sentiments of individuals who officially possess a watch we are thinking about.

I will once in a while inquire as to whether he supposes a watch looks right — I have eyes myself and I can influence my own particular personality to up about how a watch looks. In any case, I can’t touch or wear it until the point when I have gotten it, so I may counsel them on the vibe of the watch. Feel relies upon the decision of material and in addition the fit and complete consolidated.

I for one aversion plated valuable metal watches on the grounds that they never have the right weight and that influences feel bigly.


For me, this is the fun part.

The way a watch capacities can be influenced by the above variables, however is for the most part an aftereffect of the development decision. This is something which is winding up increasingly energizing.

With the progression of measuring, prototyping, and producing forms, there are various industrial facilities advancing toward the replication of new developments, developments which are made to take into account the rep to have such things as right subdial position and work or legitimately working complexities, for example, ratrappante, yearly timetable, chronograph, and so forth..

This is a Replica Forum

RWI the best copy watch discussion on the planet. You are perusing the landing page so it’s most likely not far-removed the check to figure that you might be new and hoping to purchase a truly decent rep.

We should get into the leader of a rep creator (a “processing plant”) for a moment and endeavor to comprehend their approach, the way they think, and why we can make reps which are NWBIG. Why, up until this point, numerous reps can’t meet all requirements for that status, and why, in the energizing, not very far off future that lies previously us, there will be an ever increasing number of reps which are NWBIG.

As a rep creator, the principal thing we have to do is make benefit. A broadly held myth is that rep creators are propelled to scam us by making modest frightful watches which look somewhat like the gen, will last around 5 minutes, and afterward go into disrepair. The basic conviction being that that is roused by covetousness and absence of good fiber.

I have been dynamic on watch gatherings, for the most part gen, from the earliest starting point. I have likewise been dynamic in the watch business and in contact with case and development makers — both rep and gen — for a similarly lengthy time-frame. I am here to reveal to you that nothing could be more distant from reality.

In the event that you need to get rich speedy, there are a limitless number of ways considerably less demanding and more secure than making rep watches!

The vast majority of the general population I know in the rep business are really propelled by an aggressive soul. They are individuals with strong assembling know-how, individuals who have invested energy running little assembling lines of exhausting and unsuitable items.

These individuals see the rep-production world as a place to truly investigate and fulfill their aggressive soul and make progressions towards that everlastingly unattainable heavenly vessel of “the ideal rep.”

Nonetheless, to stay in the diversion, a pitiful unavoidable truth is that we do in fact need to make a benefit. So the primary necessity is that on the off chance that we will make a rep it must be prevalent.

How about we take a gander at a case: the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. How about we attempt to see how a rep creator would take a gander at it

Wow — cool watch and it is very popular, a best seller. It has a great history: despite popular belief that Rolex made the first commercial divers watch, this was a couple of years ahead.

It has a 316L stainless steel case with an interesting design, but as long as we have an original to copy, our case makers can do it easily. The case engraving is always easy. This is stuff we have done for years and we can do it well.

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The dial is pretty routine and normal. Our dial makers can also handle that easily.

Movement-wise, it’s a three-hander Frederique Pique movement with a date complication. We have a big selection of movements that can handle that. It runs at 28800 vph, no problem with that either. A big bonus is that it has a closed case back, so the movement doesn’t need to achieve a particular look.

Wait a minute! Look at that bezel, what is that? A sapphire crystal bezel insert, that’s a bit different.

So the maker goes to his crystal maker who makes stuff from sapphire crystal all day. The crystal maker confirms that if he has an original to copy he can make that bezel.

So there we have it, an easy watch to rep — and one which can be repped so well it will be NWBIG.

And here it is, the Noob Blancpain Fifty Fathoms:

This has been one of the best reps for many years. It offers almost perfection and can sit in the hand next to a gen; you would have to dive to a hundred feet before you could ever know the difference and if you don’t plan to do that, you have a watch NWBIG.

It is becoming pretty common to find high-end reps which are NWBIG. They are usually not complicated, stainless steel watches, often with closed backs made by the likes of Noob, BP, JF, VS, etc.

Recently, very much work has been done with back plate overlays. These can make a Miyota or ETA movement look very much like the original movement so that through an exhibition back it looks much like the gen.

However what is even more interesting is that certain movement factories are starting to make movements which are new almost from scratch, evidently using existing escapements, barrels, and keyless, but with redesigned plates and wheel systems so that they function in the same way as a gen.

Examples of this are the new VS Panerai reps with the P9000 movement, which is very close to being exactly like the gen movement with such things as correct balance wheel and jeweled bearing positions.

Currently, some watches cannot yet be replicated correctly. For example, the industry is currently unable to make something like this.

Yes, the case can be made and is being made very well for the less complicated watches of this shape, some of them NWBIG. So can the dials.

But as yet, no movement is available which will perform the functions or position the subdials correctly. I think that type of movement is a long way off.

Here is a list, however, of reps which will be NWBIG and may be much nearer.

Already we have Rolex Submariners which are using the SH3135 movement in which all parts are interchangeable with the gen movement except for the balance assembly.

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